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Napalm Custom

Napalm Custom Twin Tip Slick 8" Deck

Napalm Custom Twin Tip Slick 8" Deck

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Napalm Slick Twin Tip Slick - Tip Reinforced - 5ply

Napalm Custom boards are made using high tech raw materials. Its really hard to snap these skateboards. Naturally the wood wears and takes the impact, but typically the pop is retained throughout the life span of our high performance skateboards. These European made quality skateboards pop way better than all wooden skateboards due magic the carbon fiber and epoxy make on a skateboard.

Skateboard composition: 2 layers of UHMWPE TIP REINFORCEMENTS on both nose and tail, 5 plys of premium Canadian maple and two carbon fiber layers. Board has a slick bottom


Width: 8″

Wheelbase: 14″

Tail: 6.8″

Nose: 7″

Length: 32.25″ along the surface (31.9″ on straight line distance)

Concave: Medium


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