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Film Trucks

Film Trucks 105mm-165mm

Film Trucks 105mm-165mm

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Sold in pairs.

Film Trucks was created back in 2000 by Jeremie Daclin. Cliche Skateboards, also created by french legend Jeremie Daclin, were strong during this time and Film Trucks was a small sister brand. After the demise of Cliche, Jeremie continues to operate Film Trucks and has been slowly growing the compant to become one of Europe's finest and only truck brands.

Film Trucks arrive in sizes 105mm (4.25") for 6.25"-7.6" MINI BOARDS!

125mm (5.0"), best suited for small 7.75"-8.0" boards.

135mm (5.25"), for deck widths 8.0" - 8.375".

145mm (5.5"), which is for decks between 8.375"-8.5".

155mm (6"), for bigger decks 8.5" - 9.0".

165mm (6.5"), BIG ONES 9"- UP

Film trucks also produce a line of bolts, risers, bushings and skateboard rails.

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