Photo Exhibition № I

Photo Exhibition № I

Someone's probably noticed we have some photos at the shop.

I just picked up photos I liked myself and made prints at Ninan Kuvamaailma.

You can ask for price if you'd like to have one on your wall ;)


Vesa Ritola aka @jassomies 

Eniz Fazliov Bs 5050 into gnarly bank, Barcelona 2017.

On the way to Mont Juic, Eniz SSBS 180 down a set of stairs. Barcelona 2017.

Foggy day in Tampere, Jaakko Ojanen Bs Smith, 2017.

Jaakko and J Nor filming, Fs Ollie, Tampere 2019.

Frontside wallride from Element's Jaakko & Eetu shared part, Tampere 2020.

Crusty Ollie from Luxemburg, Jaakko 2017.

Samuli "Kinkku" Kinnunen Bs Noseblunt. Tampere 2018

Lauri Ojanen Boardsliding in Pirkkala 2017.

Mogi Ollie in Pispala, Tampere 2018.

Nisse Feeble Transfer, Barcelona 2018.

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